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Welcome to Organiponic, the soon-to-be most popular provider of hydroponic indoor grow systems. Now you can grow quality full size plants for less than 70 cents/plant.
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The Organiponic Advantage


90 Percent Less Water

You just did your part in preserving this increasingly in demand resource.


70 Percent Less Produce Cost

Save $1-$1.50 per head of lettuce


10 Months to payback

Within 8-12 months your unit is paid for!

The Shelf Unit

12 plants and can be placed just about anywhere

Combined with our integrated light your Organiponic Shelf Unit gives you fresh produce wherever you can spare the wall space.

$299 MSRP

The Countertop Unit

16 plants in a unit that fits right in your kitchen

Fresh produce at the ready while you cook!

$319 MSRP

The Tabletop Unit

24 plants for continuous fresh produce to feed a family of 4

Stop spending so much on local organic food for your family by using your Organiponic Tabletop unit.

$349 MSRP

Which of our units is the right fit for your home?


The Organiponic App for iOS and Android

Track your growing progress

Every plant is unique and our app will help you enjoy the process of growth

Track Your Savings

The app automatically tracks the money your saving as you grow your own produce with the Organiponic system

Easy reordering

Out of butter lettuce? No worries, the app makes ordering your new seed and nutrients a snap!

Help and Share your experience

Our app provides quick access to a network of users and sellers of the Organiponic equipment

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a farmer or gardener; how easy is it to set-up and grow plants?

The systems are designed so almost anyone can grow plants, although the process does require some understanding of how plants grow, and requires some supervision and maintenance. We will provide easy-to- use instructions, videos and updates on a free downloadable app. We also expect to have live service representatives to help you through the process. Once you purchase the system, Organiponic will mail the Starter kit to get you started before the actual system arrives. The starter kit includes trays, seeds, and medium plugs already in the trays. Just place the seeds into the designated medium, add a little water to the bottom tray and follow the simple instructions.. About a week later, we will mail you the system. System set up takes about 5 minutes. Once set-up, add PH balanced water (PH kit and instructions included in the starter kit) and pre-measured nutrients to the basin. Place your new seedlings from your propagation trays into the pockets on the grow panel on the system, plug in the pre-set timer and LED lights (optional). In 3-4 weeks you will be able to start picking quality fresh produce from your system. The systems are designed to allow you to replace harvested plants with new seedling whenever necessary. With proper time management and plant growth, you should be able to enjoy fresh lettuces, herbs and greens for years to come with little or no down time.

What vegetables can grow in the Organiponic systems?

There are several varieties of green and red lettuces, in addition to romaine, and bibb lettuces. Greens include kale, arugula, chard and spinach. Herbs include basil, mint, oregano, rosemary, thyme, parsley, sage, lemon grass and cilantro. Other veggies include mini-tomatoes, mini Chinese cabbage, strawberries and certain flowers. Over time, we will be adding to this list.

Can I grow Cannabis/marijuana in one of the Organiponic systems?

We have not tried to grow cannabis in any of our systems. To date, our focus has been testing various varieties of lettuces, greens, herbs and other plants including flowers and tree saplings. In the future, we may expand our research and development to include cannabis growing systems for home use, assuming it is in the best interest of the Company.

Given that there are many hydroponic growing systems, what differentiates you from existing competitors?

We have done a tremendous amount of research on other systems either in development or already available for sale. We have identified over 36 indoor consumer hydroponic (including aquaponics) growing systems, and this continues to climb due to the growing demand for growing appliances. Some of the competitor systems are very small growing 1-7 plants, are more ornamental or educational. These systems can sell for less than $100, but can't be counted on to provide enough produce to be considered useful for continuous consumption. In our opinion, all of the remaining systems have one or multiple flaws. These may include: 1) over-priced (most systems sell for over $500 each, with several over $1,000 each) with no or little additional benefits to the user. Organiponic system's MSRP price is $299-349, however consumers will be able to buy the systems for deep discounts below the MSRP price. 2) Too few plants. Several competitor systems, including the largest seller of in-home grow systems, can grow up to 7-9 plants. Assuming an average grow cycle is 28-30 days or more (seed – harvest), the end-user will run out of fresh produce well before the next plant harvest. Why own a systems if it is only going to be functional a limited number of days a year. The Organiponic systems can grow 12 (Wall/Shelf unit) to 24 plants (TableTop unit). Consumers can choose what system works best for them depending on available space and the size of the household. In most cases, there is enough produce ready for harvest, allowing for little or no down time waiting for produce to grow to maturity. 3) Over-price seed pods. Several companies provide ongoing monthly seed pods or kits, yet the kits or pods sell for $2.00 or much more per plant. Organiponic kits allow consumers to grow plants for $0.50 – $0.95 per plant, depending on the grow kit, system and seeds ordered. 4) Too many plants in too small of space. Basically, plants need room to breathe and grow. Organiponic systems use patent pending grow panels that give each plant its own space (plateau) allowing for space to grow. 5) Time consuming maintenance and cleaning. See Easy maintenance – see FAQ "How often do I need to clean my system".

What is the reason for the grow kit? What is included?

Plants, such as, lettuces, greens and herbs, must be replaced with new seedlings once the entire plant has been consumed (harvested). Therefore, new seeds must be planted/propagated to replace the harvested plants. Our starter grow kit comes with everything you need to start the propagation process (very easy – just follow the simple instructions). Every month, thereafter, if you subscribe to our grow kit auto-deliveries, you will receive new grow kits auto matically. The grow kits include trays, medium, and nutrients for approximately 30-60% discount in price than if you bought the same size products at the store. We want you to enjoy your favorite produce. We also provide custom seed purchase opportunities. Order your seeds every 3 months or so. They will be shipped with your grow kits. Grow kits and seeds will be very reasonably priced so the consumer can enjoy produce for approximately $0.50 – 0.95 cents per plant, depending on which system and seeds are purchased.

If I don't want to propagate seeds, can I buy the seedlings?

Yes. Not everyone wants to propagate seeds – we understand this. Seedling grow kits can be purchased either by subscription or when needed.

How often do I need to clean my system? I understand many systems on the market are very hard to clean.

One of the biggest complaints regarding consumer growing systems is how messy and time consuming the cleaning can be for certain systems. As with any home appliance, grow systems need maintenance and occasional cleaning. The Organiponic systems are designed to make maintenance a 5-10 minute task every 30-60 days. The systems are designed with detachable parts that can be rinsed off in the sink, even with plants still attached to the system. The rest of the system can be wiped down very easily. Every 30- 60 days, the water/nutrient liquid should be replaced. This requires a bucket and plastic cup/scoop. Once the basin is near empty, remove from the system, rinse, replace and re-fill with water. Add nutrients, check the PH, replace the pump, plug in and you are ready to go.

How long will it take to get my first yield?

Propagation usually takes around 7-10 days to grow a seedling from a seed. Most seedlings take around 21-35 days depending primarily on the type of plant, water/nutrients and light. Herbs vary depending on the type of herb. Some herbs, such as basil grows fairly quickly. With proper grow /time management, you should have continuous fresh produce year-round

How much space does the unit take up?

Each system is different. The TableTop unit is ~26"W by ~18" D by ~28"H, Wall or Shelf Unit - ~26"W by ~10"D by ~28"H and the Kitchen Unit is ~26"W by ~16"D by ~15"H.

What kind of soil would be needed to grow plants?

The systems use hydroponic methods, therefore no soil (or dirt, i.e. mess). The seeds/seedlings grow in a substrate or medium plug which is included in the grow kit. The medium we use will be environmentally safe - made with peat moss and coconut husks/shells

What else do I need to buy to grow my plants (i.e. seeds, nutrients, lights, etc.) and where will I get these products?

Nothing else is necessary to get started. The Organiponic experience is to make the whole process as easy as possible. The system will come with the starter grow kit and standard pack of seeds and an easy ordering system to order ongoing grow kits. LED light kits, cleaning sprays, PH kits and a variety of other products will be available on our website.

Do you need special lighting or will it work off of whatever light is in the room?

Proper lighting is one of the most important aspects of growing a good quality plant. If your home has ample natural sun light, or you own a small greenhouse, you may not need to purchase one of the optional grow kits. However, most consumers will need to purchase a light system. We will provide different options. We are negotiating with a few lighting company to assist in design, and will manufacture consumer light kits that are reasonably priced to the consumer.

Latest Research and Development

Some Research units growing in our Austin, Texas lab

Hydroponics - The future of growing

How Organiponic, Inc will shape the global food equation

A solution in drought

The Organiponic commercial systems use approximately 90% less water per plant than traditional soil farming.

Fresher produce and fewer emissions

Clean growing environments allow produce to grow year-round almost anywhere. No need for produce to travel thousands of miles to reach the consumer.

60 Times more produce

Organiponic's commercial vertical hydroponic systems are capable of growing over 2 million plants (greens & herbs) per acre per year. Full size (not just micros) year-round quality fresh produce everyone will enjoy.

minimize cost and maximize production

The Organiponic commercial systems are designed to allow 21st century farmers to easily add new systems as they grow their business. Our patent pending technology and automation can eliminate the majority of the harvest labor cost. Daily maintenance and operating expenses will be one of the lowest in the industry.

Fewer chemicals

Studies show that there is as much as 90% of the pesticide residue left on plants grown in traditional soil even after washing and rinsing. By growing indoor there is little or no use of harsh pesticides on plants.

Less power more production

The Organiponic system maximizes the use of natural light in a greenhouse environment. Our systems are capable of growing over 1400 plants utilizing one 1HP pump that runs only 16 hours per month.

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